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Welcome to Grouville School's Homepage!

 Well-being and achievement are at the heart of Grouville School so that we can all develop

as life long learners.


Thank you to our choir who sang so beautifully at the Fete de Noue at the weekend. You were wonderful!


Congratulations to Chloe-May and Omara who competed in the BBC Choir of the Year competition in Cardiff this weekend. Musical Originals Training Choir is the second best choir in the UK and the best children's choir in the UK. Aren't they amazing?

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Huge thanks to the PSA for a fantastic Christmas cake sale and raffle - it was awesome! Thanks as well to Sitas Circus performers for their brilliant entertainment and to everyone who came along to support our festive fundraiser.

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2K earnt themselves a fabulous class star for all their hard work and perseverance with their recorder playing. They were so proud of themselves - check out their performance on Makewaves! 

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Thank you to all the parents who joined us for the REAL Literacy event in Nursery. We hope you enjoyed the festive fun learning alongside the children.

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Congratulations to all our children who competed in the Eisteddfod this year! We are especially proud of our   poets who competed in the first time classes. Well done all of you and special thanks to Mrs Byrne for inspiring our youngsters. What talented children we have at Grouville! 

Congratulations to our latest Excellent Effort Superstars!


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