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 Welcome to Grouville School's Homepage!

 Well-being and achievement are at the heart of Grouville School so that we can all develop

as life long learners.

IMG_4340.jpg IMG_4352.jpg IMG_4303.jpg

   IMG_4338.jpg IMG_4322.jpg IMG_4308.jpg  

IMG_4341.jpg IMG_4314.jpg IMG_4339.jpg           Science Week fun at Grouville! The school has been buzzing with excitement as the children put their Scientific skills to the test. They have been classifying, investigating, experimenting, observing, questioning, predicting, explaining, comparing and collating their results! From toast and tea to special alien deliveries to Reception - it's all happening here!


Congratulations to our first Excellent Effort Superstars of 2016-17!


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